Friday, January 7, 2011

Summary of events: J-20 first flight postponed

A day of drama and excitement online turned into an anti-climax as the first flight of China's newly revealed fighter, the J-20 was postponed reportedly due to marginal weather over Chengdu. Reports had surfaced of an two-hour airspace closure around Chengdu during the early afternoon, Chengdu time and the belief that today was the day was reinforced with the arrival of two PLAAF Boeing 737 VIP transports. Two J-20s made an appearance, carried out flying surfaces and taxi tests before shutting down around noon.

All preparations had seemingly been made, and ceremonies been carried out when the sudden dispersal of the VIPs indicated that we would have to wait another day to witness the initial flight. This despite the presence of President Hu Jintao among a bevy of other VIPs at Chengdu's No.132 plant.

It is believed that with bad weather over the site the next few days, the next weather window for flying the aircraft would be Tuesday the 11th of January. Watch this space...

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