Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A change in direction...

First off, apologies for my long absence from the blog. Over the past couple of weeks I have been really busy setting up my business (See for full time ops after seeing steady and encouraging growth for the past four months or so. Yup, I'm now no longer part of the oppressed working class and have crossed the line to become the evil capitalist. :)

In addition, I have, since last week, been on a sabbatical back to Singapore. So far, my days at my folks' place in northwestern Singapore (when I'm not out and about) have been spent watching the RSAF's F-5s, F-15s. F-16s and C-130s blasting past my window. Along with C-17s, KC-10s and six F/A-18s rigged up for a ferry flight (no idea whose, in case you're wondering). And to top it off, I caught a rehearsal for the upcoming RSAF Open House from 17 storeys up just yesterday. Yes its a hard life...

Anyway, I have been pondering for a while on a new direction of this blog. The thing is, I'm not too keen on being just an aggregator of links to aviation news, that is already well-served by other sites out there. Hence, this blog will now focus on high quality photos and videos that I've encountered online and would like to share, as well as feature more in-depth information on the photos on The Base Leg and more original content. Obviously, updates will no longer be on a daily basis, but I hope to be able to keep the content coming a few times a week, so do subscribe to this blog's posts using the RSS feed in the upper right hand corner, or follow @thebaseleg on Twitter to keep abreast of the latest developments here!

Mike Yeo
17th May 2010

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