Thursday, July 21, 2011

PHOTO: Republic of Singapore AF C-130Bs in Asia Minor scheme

Photo credit: unknown

Got alerted to this very cool, old-school photo overnight; Republic of Singapore Air Force C-130B 725 pictured in February 1979 carrying RSAF markings but in what was then known as the USAF's Asia Minor scheme, betraying its Royal Jordanian Air Force origins. The RJAF scheme was carried only for a short period of time when in RSAF service, where it soon acquired a more suitable camouflage for its new home, similar to the USAF's Southeast Asia scheme then common among the RSAF's aircraft.

Originally a USAF machine bearing the serial 60-0308 (cn 3620), this aircraft was known to have served with the US Air Force Reserves' (AFRES) 313th Tactical Airlift Wing at Forbes AFB, Kansas before being transferred to the RJAF which assigned it the serial 143. In 1978, Singapore purchased two of the RJAF's C-130Bs (the other aircraft being C-130B 60-0302/cn 3611 which became 724 in the RSAF) to join two ex-USAF C-130Bs purchased the year before for the RSAF's nascent transport fleet.

The four C-130Bs were incorporated with four new C-130Hs into the RSAF's 122 Sqn in 1980, where 725 still serves with today, albeit modified to allow it to operate as a KC-130B tanker since the mid-1980s. The RSAF's C-130 fleet is currently being upgraded with modern avionics and is expected to serve well into the 2020s.

Spotters badge to Roy RX, and thanks for the headsup. More photos of the RSAF's C-130Bs in RJAF camo:

Photo credit: unknown (via

Photo credit: unknown (via

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