Thursday, October 20, 2011

Australia considering Super Hornet conversion to Growlers

US Navy EA-18G Growler of VAQ-135 Black Ravens. Photo © f18e777 on Flickr

Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith has confirmed that Australia is considering the acquisition of an electronic attack capability through the modification of up to 12 of the RAAF’s Boeing F/A-18F+ Super Hornets.

Speaking to SKY News on October 19, Mr Smith said “we are now starting the process of looking very closely and carefully at whether this is a capability that Australia should acquire.”

12 of the RAAF’s 24 Super Hornets have been pre-wired and have had other preparatory work done on the production line in anticipation of a possible conversion to EA-18G Growler standard. It has been reported elsewhere that the cost of acquisition of associated equipment and conversion of six of the RAAF's existing Super Hornets could cost up to A$400 million.

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