Friday, February 3, 2012

Philippines AF strike kills 3 terrorist leaders; doubts on aircraft involved

The Philippine military said that an air strike has killed three of Southeast Asia's most-wanted terrorist leaders on the Filipino island of Jolo, 600 miles south of the capital Manila.

A pair of Philippine AF OV-10 Broncos reportedly attacked the camp using 500-lb bombs deep in the night, killing 15 suspected Abu-Sayyaf/Jemaah Islamiyah members, including three leaders from the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

However, Flightglobal's Greg Waldron is not so sure, suspecting that the reported U.S. drone support for the mission extended beyond pinpointing/observing the target. Given the OV-10 is a predominantly a day/clear weather COIN platform without precision munitions capability, suffice to say I'm afraid I am with Greg on this.

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