Sunday, April 1, 2012

New J-20 airframe sighted?

The military aviation community on the internet is all abuzz about the J-20 again; with photos appearing on Chinese internet forums in the past day or so of what seems to be a new J-20 airframe in Chengdu. The serial 2004 has been noted (as seen below)

Another detail noted on these newest photos is the different placement of the star insignia on the tail, compared with that on the original aircraft (Serial 2001) that appeared last year.

Image of J-20 rear section including tail insignia, 2011

Latest image of J-20 rear section. Serial unknown.

It does make sense that further J-20 airframes will be built to add to the aircraft already being flown, and although the skeptics are out in full force crying "Photoshop!", the photos do appear legit to us, as opposed to some April Fool's joke brought to you courtesy of Adobe and someone with too much time on their hands. We await further developments.

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