Monday, April 30, 2012

US considering selling Taiwan new fighters, or are they?

Reports have emerged over the weekend that members of the Obama Administration have stated that they are considering selling new fighters to Taiwan. This, despite the same Administration rejecting Taiwanese requests for 66 new F-16C/Ds in 2011, instead opting for an upgrade of Taiwan's current F-16 fleet.

However, Craig Scanlan over at Asian Security Watch is skeptical of it all, believing that the whole thing is nothing but America communicating it's displeasure at what it sees as recent Chinese saber-rattling. Given the past history of Taiwanese "arms sales" from the United States, we're with Craig on this one in that we'll believe it when we see new American-made fighters landing at Ching Chuan Kang (or Hualien, or Hsinchu, for that matter)

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