Thursday, April 5, 2012

VIDEO: Sukhoi Su-22 Fitter in Vietnamese service

Here are a couple of interesting videos on Youtube about the Sukhoi Su-22 in Vietnamese service. The Vietnamese People's Air Force (Không quân Nhân dân Việt Nam) is reported to operate up to 53 Su-22M3/UM-3K (NATO: Fitter-J and -G) and Su-22M-4/R (Fitter-K) with 2 regiments: the 923rd 'Yen The' Fighter-Bomber Regiment at Tho Xuan and the 937th 'Hua Giang' Fighter-Bomber Regiment at Phan Rang. There is something about the Soviet-era inlet and shock cone design of the MiG-21 and Su-7/17/20/22 that floats my boat.

As the VPAF continues it's modernisation drive by acquiring more multi-role Su-27/30 derivatives, these Cold War warriors will sadly fade from use.

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