Wednesday, May 30, 2012

USAF B-52s make debut at USAF-ROKAF exercise

In a first, two B-52 Bombers flew in air-to-air combat missions during exercise Max Thunder 12-1 with other USAF and Republic of Korea AF aircraft. This is the first time B-52's flew in Max Thunder, which has traditionally been a fighter aircraft exercise. The decision to integrate the B-52s, from Anderson Air Force Base in Guam, into this exercise was decided just hours before their executed mission. The combined joint two-week exercise allows the USAF to work alongside the ROKAF through exercise scenarios simulating combined operations against a hostile force.

Looks like the USAF, particularly it's Pacific Rim-based units, are working harder, and training for a very different mission from that we've been seeing in the past decade. And about time, too.

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