Friday, May 25, 2012

VIDEO: Chinese Navy Ka-28 near miss while landing in rough seas

Interesting video lifted off a Chinese TV broadcast of a Chinese Navy Kamov Ka-28 naval helicopter almost coming to grief while attempting to land on a Type 054A frigate, the Xuzhou (徐州), judging by the "530" painted on the helideck. According to the report, the ship and helicopter were from the East Sea fleet, and at the time of the initial landing attempt, surface wind speeds were 10m/s and at Sea State 3. According to the interview with the pilot in the clip, a gust of wind from the rear port quarter caught the Kamov as it came in to land, tossing the hapless helicopter (and crew) around and forcing the landing to be aborted. Two more attempts were made before the helicopter landed on the fourth attempt, after the sea had calmed down, more than an hour after the first attempt.

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