Saturday, October 13, 2012

PLAAF Su-30MKK Aggressor in "Vietnamese" Su-30 colours

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More PLAAF "Aggressor" Flankers on show. The Chinese Ministry of Defence has released a new photo of a PLAAF's Su-30MKK/MK2 Flanker in a different paint scheme from the standard schemes carried by the regular Su-30 units. This time, the scheme on show is a brown-and-green camo topside with (very) light grey undersides. As reported before, these unusually painted Su-30s may be playing the role of Aggressors in exercises. Sharp-eyed observers have also noted that the (barely visible) 3rd aircraft in the previously-published photo of the PLAAF Su-30s in desert camo appeared to be carrying this green-brown camouflage.

It has been suggested that the scheme replicates the new camouflage carried by Vietnam's Su-30MK2Vs. Yea or Nay? You be the judge, using the below photo of a Vietnamese People's Air Force Su-30 to compare.

Click on thumbnail for a slightly larger image

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