Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back on the blogging saddle

It's been almost 3 months without an update. First off, my apologies for the prolonged absence from this blog. Those of you who know me would probably know that in August, my baby boy was born 2 months ahead of schedule, along with being undersized to boot. So between then and late October, it meant that the Mrs. and me had to make daily trips to the hospital, and for me, running a small business by myself alongside that to boot. Of course, I could still blog a little during that time, but that all changed in late October when the little man came home (without any major issues, thank godness for that).

To cut a long story short, I've now found out for myself that caring for a little baby (even as a secondary caregiver) and running said business was full time work plus a fair bit more! Something had to give, and in my case, that meant the blog. Things have now settled a bit, with the little man being a chatty little bundle of laughs, and a routine having sort of been established around the house. So this blog will now be updated again, hopefully better than before.

Oh, in the interim, I've had some work published in a couple of magazines. So if you could, check out Global Aviation Magazine (Exercise Pitch Black feature - January 2013) and Combat Aircraft (News: Exercise Pitch Black - October 2012 and News: Singapore retires Skyhawks - January 2013). The former is available only in digital format (the PocketMags app for Ipad/Android tablets) while Combat Aircraft is also available via Pocketmags or hardcopy. So do check them out!

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