Monday, March 4, 2013

PHOTOS: F-22 Raptor at the Avalon Airshow

Some photos from the excellent USAF Air Combat Command F-22 Raptor demonstration that was the highlight of this year's Avalon Airshow. Piloted by Major Henry 'Shadow" Schantz, the demonstration showed off the capability of this extremely capable air dominance fighter. What struck me about the demo was that it was less about the power and the noise of traditional fighter airshow demonstrations, but the amazing maneuverability bestowed upon the F-22 by its powerful engines and thrust vectoring nozzles. Indeed, as the fourth photo in this set shows, the F-22s nose, and its afterburner plumes are at different planes from one another.

A totally amazing experience, which has been sadly put on hold indefinitely after the USAF cancelled all aircraft flybys, demonstrations and airshow support in the aftermath of sequestration in the United States government following its budget woes.

Click on the thumbnails below for high res imagery, or follow this link.

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