Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Helicopters to join increased Marine detachment in Darwin from 2014

US Marine CH-53E Sea Stallion (US DoD Photo/Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Ken J. Riley)

Here's an interesting announcement by the Australian Prime Minister's Office/Department of Defence that seems to have pretty much flown under the radar of the defence media; from 2014 the Marine presence in Darwin will increase to 1,150 from the current 250. The Marines will also station four "heavylift helicopters" (Ed: CH-53 Sea Stallions, I presume? The MV-22 Osprey can haul more, but they aren't technically "helicopters" per se) at RAAF Darwin with 130 personnel to support the deployment, which will occur on six-month rotations during Darwin's dry season (May to October).

The press release repeats the plan to increase the Marine presence in the Northern Territory to 2,500 personnel from 2016, which will then comprise of a full MAGTF (Marine Air-Ground Task Force).

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