Monday, August 19, 2013

Asia-Pacific Military Aviation News roundup: 19 Aug 2013

Remember those bombs dropped by the US Marine Corps AV-8B Harriers in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park during Talisman Saber '13 that caused such a ruckus in the international media? They've been found.

The consensus is that the Lockheed Martin F-35 has been eliminated from the South Korean F-X III competition due to the bid's failure to stay within the budget. Word is Eurofighter's Typhoon has also been dumped. Which leaves the Boeing F-15SE Silent Eagle as the last man standing.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force will be forced to leave one of its main airbases. The RSAF's Paya Lebar airbase will be redeveloped into a residential/light industrial zone. The RSAF aircraft currently based there will be moved to a redeveloped Changi East Airbase, which currently houses a squadron of F-16D+ fighter jets.

While we're on the topic of Changi East Airbase, the full transcript of the Defence Writers' Group's late July meeting with PACAF Commander General "Hawk" Carlisle has been released. He talks about the USAF's potential pivot to Changi East (among other places in the region) and that Singapore has decided to acquire the F-35B for its first batch of the Lightning II JSF.

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