Monday, September 16, 2013

Asia-Pacific Military Aviation News roundup: 16 Sept 2013

It has been a busy past couple of days for military aviation news in the Asia-Pacific:

The Philippines Air Force has conducted two airstrikes in the past few days again Moro National Liberation Front rebels which have attacked a town in the southern Philippines. The strikes were carried out by McDonnell Douglas MG-520 Defender helicopters.

A photo of the Chinese WZ-10 attack helicopter carrying the TY-90 AAM is making the rounds of the Internet.

In a speech to Parliament, Singapore's Defence Minister has announced that the island nation is acquiring the Aster 30 ground based Surface to Air Missile and upgrading its F-16s.

An interesting video (in Mandarin) of the Guizhou JL-9 trainer in Chinese Navy service.

The South Korean president has reportedly been briefed that the Boeing F-15SE Silent Eagle is the sole eligible bid for the RoKAF's F-X III program

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