Monday, September 23, 2013

Asia-Pacific Military Aviation News roundup: 23 Sept 2013

Taiwanese F-16B

A bit of Taiwan-centric regional military aviation news roundup today:

Frustrated by American refusal to sell it JDAMs, Taiwan has developed its own smart munitions to equip the RoCAF's fighters.

In an effort to determine the cause, Taiwan has salvaged the wreck of a Mirage 2000 from the sea following a crash in May this year.

Still on Taiwan, the first of 12 P-3C Orions should arrive in Taiwan in the next day or so.

Following a six-month deployment, the F-16s of the USAF's 55th Fighter Squadron has left Osan in South Korea and returned to their base at Shaw AFB.

A Chinese general has reiterated the right of Chinese military aircraft to transit through international airspace between two Japanese islands for training flights into the Western Pacific. He also said that such training flights will continue, irregardless of Japan scrambling interceptors to investigate.

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