Monday, October 28, 2013

JASDF intercepts more Chinese Y-8s, H-6s transiting Miyako Straits

Tracks of intercepted Chinese aircraft release by the Japanese MoD

Like I've said before, this is the New Normal.

Japanese fighters have intercepted two Xi'an H-6G bombers and a similar number of Shaanxi Y-8J AEW/MPAs [.pdf] belonging to the Chinese Navy transiting through international airspace over the Miyako Straits on their way to the Western Pacific on Friday. The two H-6s were flying together, while the Y-8Js flew singly, at different times of the day. The above graphic illustrates the tracks of the individual aircraft.

The Chinese aircraft would likely have been involved in a massive exercise involving all three fleets of the Chinese Navy. The Chinese have also said that the exercises were monitored by "foreign military vessels and reconnaissance aircraft".

We have previously covered the Chinese Navy's Y-8J and H-6Gs involved in greater details here and here respectively.

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