Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Humanitarian air bridge ramps up in support of Philippine typhoon victims

Reuters/Cheryl Ravelo

A global airlift armada has been converging on the Philippines in the past days, bringing relief supplies to the parts of the country devastated by the record-breaking Typhoon Haiyan. Greg Waldron has compiled a good list of the air forces providing aircraft over at Flightglobal. In addition, Singapore has sent a C-130 Hercules loaded with relief supplies over this morning, and has plans to send at least one more C-130 soon. Malaysia and Taiwan have also each dispatched a pair of C-130s along with medical teams/Non-Governmental Organisation personnel on board, and a Royal Swedish Air Force C-130 is also known to be inbound.

Meanwhile the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces will be sending the ships JS Ise, JS Towada and JS Osumi to join the relief effort, with three CH-47 Chinooks on board. They will be joined by a Japanese Air Self-Defense Force C-130 on the ground, in the Self-Defense Force's largest HADR mission since its formation.

The Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) has also sent three of its C-130s in support of the HADR effort, loaded up with more than 30 tons of relief supplies for the typhoon's victims.

NOTE: This blog post will be updated as more information comes in. Please let me know, via the comments, if you have any more information regarding countries sending aircraft to support the relief effort.

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