Wednesday, December 11, 2013

PHOTO: Chinese Nanchang Q-5 ground attack aircraft

Via Chinese Internet. Click on thumbnail for high resolution image

It's not the most capable combat aircraft out there, but I really like the lines of the Nanchang Q-5 ground attack jet. Based on the MiG-19/J-6, the Q-5 mated the MiG-19/J-6 rear fuselage and wings (incorporating improvements) with a basic radar in the nose and a more conventional intake design. This aircraft, a precision strike-enabled Q-5L variant serving with the Chinese Air Force's 5th Ground Attack Division, 13th Air Regiment at Weifang-Weixian in Shandong Province, represents the zenith of the design. In this high-quality photo from the Chinese Internet, Q-5L 10368 is pictured landing while carrying a K/PZS-01 targeting pod on one of its fuselage pylons.

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