Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Japan's KC-130R purhcase is to replace YS-11s

So it seems my question last week regarding Japan's KC-130R purchase had actually been answered four months ago. In this press release dated 14 October 2011, Japan's Ministry of Defence announced the decision to purchase stored ex-USMC KC-130s. The release is in Japanese, but to spare our readers from having to figure out Google's clunky (albeit still useful) translation; here are the salient points:

  • The JASDF's YS-11M/M-A fleet needs to be replaced ahead of schedule due to high use during HADR efforts following the Tohuku quake and tsunami.
  • The Japanese MoD has requested a supplementary budget of 0.99 billion yen to fund the purchase of a replacement.
  • Stored ex-USMC KC-130Rs, sans inflight refuelling equipment have been selected for purchase.

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