Thursday, April 17, 2014

Republic of Singapore Air Force unveils Exercise Hot Shot unit flagships

The Republic of Singapore Air Force has unveiled specially marked flagships for each of its five fighter fighter squadrons taking part in the RSAF's exercise Hot Shot 2014. Ex Hot Shot is a competition held by the RSAF's Air Combat Command for its fighter Squadrons to go head to head with one another to bag the title of Best Overall Squadron.

Over the week, the RSAF's will aircrew put their capabilities to the test through a series of challenging air-to-air and air-to-ground tasks. Flight line crew also competed in precision marshalling, aircraft generation and weapons loading.

This year's Hot Shot is held, as usual, at Tengah Airbase in Singapore's west. Detachments of the RSAF's F-16D+, F-15SG and F-5S/T taking part in the exercise will join the two resident F-16C/D units at Tengah to take part in the exercise. If previous years exercises are a guide, the rest of the aircraft at Hot Shot will also carry special markings for the exercise, albeit more subdued compared to that carried by the respective squadron flagships.

The markings look really good, and here's hoping the RSAF squadrons heading Down Under for Exercise Pitch Black and/or Wallaby this year will bring along their Hot Shot flagship. Please?

From left to right, top to bottom: F-16C, 140 Sqn. F-16D, 143 Sqn. F-5S, 144 Sqn. F-16D+, 145 Sqn. F-15SG, 149 Sqn (All photos © Singapore Ministry of Defence/Republic of Singapore Air Force)

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